Inventive Illustrations and Digital Art by Bram Vanhaeren

Inventive Illustrations and Digital Art by Bram Vanhaeren

We are going to showcase inventive illustrations and digital art by Bram Vanhaeren who is Art Director at KBC. He’s very young as he’s 24 years old only.

He isn’t Art Director only buy an Adobe Brand Ambassador as well. Over the years he has had work with brands such as ESPN, Entertainment Weekly, Adobe, Edelman, Coke, Nike, among others. He has also been featured in numerous print and digital publications such as Computer Arts magazine, Digital Arts magazine, Advanced Photoshop magazine and books such as “Artpower“. Adobe selected his for project #25Under25.

Bram Vanhaeren is brilliant illustrator artist who has been developing his style since his first pen tool trials in illustrator about before 7 years. In short, I must say that he is not just creative, energetic and inventive artist but enthusiastic as well. I am sure our readers will like the way he works and the variety of his work.


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Inventive Illustrations and Digital Art by Bram Vanhaeren

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