Furry Monsters Character Designs

Furry Monsters Character Designs

These furry monsters character designs are truly cute, appealing, super cool and fine-looking created by Jose Arias, a 3D modeler, graphic designer and illustrator.

Creativeness leads toward inspiration and innovativeness is what let you know how ordinary things can be turned into piece of art. This is what we call creativity and innovation. It’s all about individual’s interest, sideline, leisure pursuit or passion. Profession isn’t counted in as we go for what we like.

One’s interest and passion leads him to do what he should really do. He sees things in mind’s eye and has capability to turn a normal thing into an exceptional piece of art. He can create such a wonder thing we even can’t imagine it could be like so.

I always consider writing, poetry and saying is God gifted as not all people can be writer, poet and philosopher. The only one can be so who will be chosen by God. Words either in form of poetry, sayings or else come and push them to take them down on paper.

Now I believe creativity is also God gifted. This is out of the ordinary and by way of not all people can be writer, poet and philosopher, same like not everyone can be an artist. In fact, everyone has his own interest, specialty and field to go for.

There is a list of people who loves to create or design such things that we call art. Art is massive field (surreal photography, surreal painting, digital art, illustration, graphic design). Artist choose accordingly where to go.

Logo Design Collection by Nat

Our aim to share artists, designer and developer’s work to acknowledge them and let you know how remarkable work can be done.

This time we are sharing furry monsters character designs by Jose Arias. “This year I took on the 36 days of type 2020 challenge and made a series of kind and furry characters, a challenge that helped me improve my mastery of hair in Cinema 4D”. he says about this project.

“My main interests in the field of design are digital and traditional illustration, 2D and 3D, photography, image retouching and conceptual art. I am passionate about art in all its branches (Music, Dance, Paintings, Sports, etc.) and especially in soccer, also one of my many passions is to create 2D and 3D characters”. He explains.

Digital Illustrations for Magazines by Rafael Alvarez