Brochure Covers 2020 Travel Illustration

brochure covers 2020

These brochure covers 2020 and brochure covers 2019 have been designed for Exodus Travels.

Brochure covers 2019 and brochure covers 2020 is made with collaboration by an artist Martina Crepulja and an illustration agents DEBORAH WOLFE LTD Illustration.

Martina is a freelance illustrator with experience in storyboarding, illustrating resources for 2D animations, children’s apps, visual development, 2D games and illustrations. Brilliant she’s in her work.

DEBORAH WOLFE LTD Illustration is illustrators’ and animators’ agents who epitomize creative artists with a comprehensive range of specialties. “The illustrations we create are for magazines, trade shows, advertising, packaging, games, pharma, billboards, education, books, graphic novels and comics. We produce art for comps, storyboards, editorial, licensing, instructions, infographics, lettering, icons, typography, and logos.

Our artists make portraits, cutaways, children’s art, caricatures, architectural renderings, maps, medical, religious, technology, fashion, and science. They draw or animate in all styles including blueprint, humor, line art, painterly, watercolor, retro, digital, 3D and vector”. Mentioned in profile.

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I am sure you guys would like Brochure Covers 2020 which we are sharing for your inspiration. Here we go;


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