20 + Awesome Brochure Designs For Your Inspiration

Brochures are one of the most powerful marketing tool for companies and organizations. Through brochures companies are able to tell people about their products or services as well as their mission/vision as a company or organization. In creating a brochure, design is a major factor such as the choice of color scheme, the size of the brochure, the printing process to be used or applied as well as the type of paper. Online Printing Services is one of the most popular Source for print designing.

When designing a brochure we always look up first for inspiration and the best place to search for inspiring designs is the Web. Like in web design, creating a layout for print is also influenced by certain trends. As a starting point for you, we compiled in this post the 20 best brochure design samples that we found from all over the Internet.  I hope that you will also find some inspiration in this list of brochure designs especially if you are feeling like you are running out of artistic ideas.

Feel free to add them in this post by leaving comments and indicating the link where we can find more resources related to this.


CHP Brochure

Yahoo Search Marketing Brochure


Unicer Corporate Brochure


MVM Fund Brochure

Brochure design

SZ Developments Brochure

Universal Menu Restaurant

Fabriquem Emocions

Architecture519 brochure

Repap Brand Identity

Matiere Grise


Simplicity Works

Ipsus01 Brochure

Corporate brochure Ravi

Twenty4seven designs

Gene Juarez Spring Event brochure

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  1. I have always enjoyed print design so automatically this post interested me. As the web develops I believe print is becoming less and less but I agree that print is a powerful marketing tool. This is a great collection and my personal favourites are, ‘Sustainable’, ‘CHP Brochure’ and ‘Twenty4seven designs’ mainly through the use of colours and how they compliment each other very well. I also love the simplicity of the designs and the sleek look of ‘Sustainable.

    1. Thank you Sarah for liking, ya it’s true that designing & printing is a most powerful tool in the industry. @ Sustainable, personally i like lemon graphic and he have a excellent stuff.

  2. My pick are: Sustainable, Architecture519 brochure, Simplicity works, and Ipsus01 Brochure because of its cool, simple and well organized designs. Although all brochure project messages it wanted to convey to their customers/clients.

    1. I love it Sustainable “Lemon Graphic”
      Thank you so much Zaipamn for Commenting,
      Keep commenting, we need your best help.

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