Brilliant Surreal Illustrations by Various Artists

In this post, you’ll see brilliant surreal illustrations that have been created with concern, attention and intense astuteness.

Inspiration is what make people really, they want to be or want to do. I mean, one can do everything if he is inspired by anyone. Yes, he can do the whole thing. Whole thing is whole thing and I mean it. Motivation can bring hidden talent out because this has supremacy to do so. In this post, we are showing some brilliant surreal illustrations made by various artists. All illustration images are truly cool and awesome. I am sure you would like these brilliant surreal illustrations.

Matthias Jung

Matthias Jung is an artist and designer who hodgepodges exclusive elements of architecture to create made-up homes set in inaccessible landscapes.

Brilliant Surreal IllustrationsBrilliant-Surreal-Illustrations-MatthiasBrilliant-Surreal-Illustrations-MatthiasBrilliant-Surreal-Illustrations-MatthiasBrilliant Surreal Illustrations

Alice Lin

Illustrator Alice Lin uses watercolor and dye on rice paper and silk to create complicatedly detailed worlds. Human and animal statistics are encircled in pastel-toned ruptures of swirling flowers, mushrooms, oceans and rock developments.

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Digital Art Inspiration Series #11

In an interview she defines the intention behind her work. “It’s about exploring the internal and external, about the relationships between the two; self and surroundings; human beings and the world… Our body is a container, connected to the outside world and our breath, blood, thoughts, feelings, emotions, dreams, etc. are the content; through this content we are able to experience life, and we are able to learn about art, the world or ourselves.”

Brilliant-Surreal-Illustrations-AliceBrilliant Surreal IllustrationsBrilliant-Surreal-Illustrations-Alice

Simon Prades

Simon Prades enmesh human feeling beautifully with the natural world uses muted color palettes to carry introspection emotions, imagination and even wrath in editorial illustrations. His work frequently features human portraits intertwined with natural elements. He currently lives and works in Saarbrücken, Germany.

Hand Lettered Wall Painting of Victoria and Vitalina


Idiosyncratic Illustrations by Virginia Mori

Virginia Mori captures composite human emotions using simple line drawings and pared down images. However, many of her illustrations lean in the direction of the downhearted with themes of loneliness and anxiety, cheerfulness moments and relaxation can be seen. She lives and works in Italy. She also is an animator. Recently, Mori’s illustrations were the inspiration for a photo series with the fashion brand Gucci. So cool, right? Well. Yes, it is.


Surreal Photo Mashups to Show Connection Between Humans and Cities

Mysterious Narratives by Victo Ngai

Los Angeles-based illustrator and storyboard artist Victo Ngai produces covered illustrations that disclose intricate worlds filled with unanticipated details. Each image motivates the viewer to pause, making sure they haven’t missed a key character that might unlock the work’s twisted story.



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