Poster design gives a fantastic canvas for creativity. Like web designs, posters offer great scope for creativity and innovative graphic design. Posters are often created for DJs, events, nightclubs and other interesting subjects that lend themselves well to creative design work.  This article is aimed to provide you with some great examples of inspiring poster design and creative graphic design in general.

Today, we bring you a list 20 awesome poster designs guaranteed to leave you inspired. Please enjoy this creative selection of fantastic poster designs and let us know which your favorite in the comments below is!

Underground Party Poster Template

Electro Poster

Disco Six Poster

Folk Poster

Deep Space Poster

Max Payne

Party Poster Design


Hard Style

Club Fashion

Retro Night


Indie Poster

Club Fusion

Sweet Kisses Night

Something To Talk About


Club Fusion DJ

The Black Panther Party

Breaking Bad Blue Sky Fan Art Poster


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    The last two took talent but the rest are just kind of just an overkill of PSD filters. 90’s club flyers with today’s Creative Suite. Meh.

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