Panoramic Photographs of Architectural Symmetry

Panoramic Photographs of Architectural Symmetry

These panoramic photographs of architectural symmetry have been taken by Peter Li. These images bring a wraith-like outlook to the architecture design.

Photography is not just profession now as it has become passion turn out of leisure pursuit. There are many photographers who are doing best in this field to fulfill their aim and dream. Photography field is massive with lot of categories and there are lot of photojournalists doing exceptional. Fashion & portrait photography, nature or motherland photography, architectural photography, floral and animal photography and so on. Depend on individual what he chooses by keeping interest in mind.

Well, as usual we have been used to share all kinds of art work with you. This time we gathered photography of Peter Li. He took panoramic photographs of architectural symmetry beautifully to familiarize a new viewpoint to the already awe-inspiring architecture of buildings from around the world. By taking the whole of the ceiling and supportive pillars, Li permits us to feel what it is like to stand at the midpoint of these outstanding buildings. And of course, this is impossible to get such kinds of photographs without digital interference. This is what matter a lot for better and perfect view.

Lighting and the season are also play an important role to make a panorama more convincing to shoot. Shapes and shadows give the impression differently in each space. All images take us to a different place in the world.

“Observing a three-dimensional space in its entirety gives us a view/perspective beyond what the eye can see,” he clarifies. “It breaks us from reality, plays with our perception of shape and form and creates a sense of another world. Through my photography, I hope to impart the otherworldly nature to the viewer, encouraging them to take a momentary step out of their reality.” Add further.


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