Which Type of Photography Would You Choose?

In an era of smartphones, where we are constantly clicking photos and shooting videos; everyone is exposed to photography or I must say commercial photography. Whether we see a beautiful photo of a friend on a social media site or an information based banner hanging high in the sky; photography is a great tool of communication for many.

Companies advertise their products through banners, tv and print media advertisements. Everyone conveys their thoughts and ideas through photography. However, while clicking photos or selfies, how many times do we think about photography as a career. Photography is just not about clicking photos and shooting videos, it is a professional career that defines individual’s thoughts and personality. Understanding different styles and genres of photography are the key to develop our knowledge in the area and also gain the insight as to where does our photography fits in! There are many styles and genres of photography, but today we’ll only discuss the unique ones.

Architectural Photography

I am sure you have seen enticing pictures of buildings, famous monuments, and their architecture. Such images where buildings and its making is given utmost importance is called Architectural photography.

Under architectural photography, we can include interior and exterior of the building, interesting elements of design, the era of construction, nearby construction, etc. While this sounds easy and simple, Architectural photography ends up to be the most difficult type of photography for learners. The are two basic challenges faced by professionals: lighting and photo distortion. The photographer needs natural light to capture the facade of the building. Thus, he/she has to manage the timings of the shoot according to the natural sunlight.


Aerial Photography

French photographer and balloonist, Gaspar Felix Tournachon, took the first aerial photograph in 1858. He Gasper had given trials to his photographs and after a long struggle of 3 years, he published his photos for the world to see. Since then, Aerial photography is taken as the most attractive genre of photography. Going up in the air and capturing photos from an area that is extremely uncomfortable is really daunting.

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Not everyone can think of trying Aerial photography as their career as it needs professional training. Height phobia is yet another obstacle for most of the people.


Commercial Photography

Commercial photography is used for promoting specific products, brands or a company. The photographer has to capture images of the product in a style that it represents the beauty of the brand for the firm. Also, the entire concept was built for television, newspaper, and magazine industry. Thus, the photos you watch on your television screen, paper, and in magazines are specifically commercial photography. Commercial photographer of Melbourne is known for their photo capturing techniques and tools.

Candid Photography

This is a very popular type of photography. People are generally not aware of the position of the photographers which helps them to relax their facial expressions. Candid photography is known for capturing spontaneous moments of life. The best example of candid photography is wedding shoots. The bride and groom are unable to track the position of the camera which allows them to relax a bit.

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 In photojournalism, a photographer has to capture live moments as and when they happen and inform the world about it. Photojournalism is not about capturing unexpected events; it is about capturing unexpected moments at events that are planned. One of the best examples of photojournalism photography would be photos for newspapers and magazines. Photojournalism is a serious career, it demands determination, care-free, and scare-free attitude.