The world’s first social collage app for Ipad: Mixel

Mixel is a free app for iPad that lets anybody create art instantly, regardless of talent. Users can bring in images from virtually any source and collage them together quickly and easily using standard, intuitive multitouch gestures.

The app’s unique social network dynamic lets anyone reuse any image from any other collage, which ensures that there is never a shortage of good source material to create new works from. This also creates a powerful remix dynamic, where a collage can be reworked with a touch of a button, spurring robust visual conversations.

Tapping on any thumbnail from the view above leads to the thread view, which shows that collage at a larger size. If the collage is part of a thread of remixes, the previous and next remixes are shown at left and right.
Conveying the heredity of this ‘family’ of remixes was one of the toughest parts of the designing the user interface. The team iterated through several different ideas, some of them much less linear, before creating this relatively straightforward presentation.

The Updates tab displays the latest collages posted by other Mixel users. Social activity (e.g., comments, likes, remixes) relevant to you are signified by an orange snipe in the top right corner of appropriate mixels.


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To add new images to the collage users also have access to virtually any image they can think of from within the app. They can bring in images from the iPad, from Facebook, or perform a web image search for any term. The Popular tab shows the most popular images recently used in collages.


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