How Is Augmented Reality Connecting Nature Using Tech

Augmented Reality as a buzzword has been floating around from quite some time now, but practically it has entered the world of marketing quite recently. Previously restricted primarily to gaming and educations, it is starting to redefine the way brands form their marketing strategies. AR allows the user to experience a whole new world – essentially, it is technology that overlays digital information on the real, physical world using 3D mapping.

In simple words, imagine seeing the world around you as part of a 3D movie. Google and Microsoft have invested full force in AR, and that has drawn the attention of the market towards the potential of the technology in brand marketing.

Microsoft’s HoloLens

Microsoft’s HoloLens is due in 2016. Exactly what all will be done with AR remains to be seen, but it will further storytelling to a bigger, better version of itself. However, apart from the above, AR can also help in another important thing – connecting nature using tech. It’s just what we will take a look at below.

How is Augmented reality changing the game?

It is important to remember amidst all this technology, however, that nothing really replaces the personal touch. As the walls between the physical and the digital world are dissolving, people will feel the need to unplug and be a part of the ‘real’ world for some time. Right now, marketing tactics are not given that much importance because technology is still to focus on personalization – something that is happening


Personalization has become the cornerstone of any new strategy. But this is only the beginning. With the Internet of Things on the horizon, the level of personalization is only set to go up. Each piece of content will be uniquely tailored to each user. This will also give people more control over the content that they receive, and customers will be happier about it.

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And augmented reality is helping to do just that.

How is Augmented Reality Helping Us Connect to Nature?


With augmented reality, you could design nature apps that help people know about how important preserving nature is. For instance, it has been proven to improve awareness of nature preservation. You could visit the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge in the U.S. for one, and use augmented reality to sign endangered animals, or even have dinosaurs popping up in front of you. It’s this personal touch that is sure to increase awareness.  The Refuge Wildlife park is taking it as a pilot project for now, but believe that it could feature in their regular list soon.

The possibilities, after all, are endless. You could have a virtual eagle coming towards you, and all you would need is a smartphone!

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Teaching kids the importance of preserving nature through such innovative ways is sure to improve engagement as well as the realization of how important nature could be to us. AR is going to be introduced in classes sooner than later, so why not plan how it could help us take care of nature too?