Harnessing the Momentum of Synergy to Achieve Digital Success

For businesses that have an online presence, they have a strong opportunity to achieve success through their digital marketing activities. Whilst most businesses will focus on digital activities that work in silo, businesses should strive to develop a portfolio of digital activities that work in synergy to build the online success of the business. The aim for businesses is to develop a digital marketing mix that will develop a business engine that will generate leads, engagement, action and referrals for the business. Australian digital agencies in Melbourne understand the different elements of digital and why it is important to make them work together to build a stronger web brand and sales channel for your business.

Harnessing the Momentum of Synergy to Achieve Digital Success

The web design is your business’s shop front.

The website that you have is your shop front. It is the first impression of your business that you will share with your prospects and customers. First impressions last and if your website isn’t helping you to convert, then it is hindering your web businesses success. It is vital that your business’s website components are working to generate engagement, leads and sales through your website. Some of the web design components to consider include the following:

Web design templates that enhance the web user experience of your website.

Businesses need to focus on developing the web user experience that will manage the consumer journey on the website. How is the look and feel of the website to the user? Does the website evoke a sense of confidence or a sense of doubt? Ultimately, the web design should make the web user have more confidence in the website so that they have more trust to do business with you. This includes the confidence when submitting information such as contact and financial details. Furthermore, the confidence to refer your website to other prospective customers.

HTML Landing page Templates that will enhance the web user and conversion experience.

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The landing pages that are developed will seek to achieve the following.

  • Increase engagement with the web page.
  • To increase the conversion aspect of the web page.

The landing pages will be using various sources to generate traffic through to the site, such as organic search results (SEO), paid search traffic (PPC) and other referral websites. You want to ensure that the traffic that you are sending to the web page is converting. If the conversion to leads isn’t your KPI, you want to increase the engagement on the web page (and ideally across the remainder of the website) while reducing the web visitors bounce rate.

Mobile templates that enhance the digital experience.

With the increase in smart device users (smartphones and tablets), it is important that businesses can create a digital experience to accommodate the mobile platforms. The mobile platforms businesses should consider include:

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Mobile web template developments

This way their website can be configured to respond to mobile devices. This can enhance the user navigation and interaction experience. Investing in a mobile responsive site can create an opportunity for additional exposure across mobile paid and organic search platforms.

Mobile application developments

The alternative is to develop a mobile application. Accessibility has been primarily through the ITunes and Android marketplaces, however developments in Google’s search algorithm are now creating opportunities for the applications to be discovered in mobile search. This provides a new opportunity for businesses to enhance their web exposure through mobile search as well as an improved experience for mobile devices that may see improved engagement and conversions.

Copy writing

The copy on the web page is the most important direct message that you can convey to your web prospects. The look and feel will convince people whether they should stay or go from the site, but the content that is on the web page will be one of the most significant influences in getting the conversion results for your website. The copy that is provided for the site needs to successfully convey the message that you want to get across to your target audience.

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The web copy must have the ability to persuade the audience to take the desired action for your business through the written word. To successfully accomplish this, webmasters need to:

  • Ensure that the headlines that are being used capture the desired interest of your targeted audience.
  • To identify and test the type of copy (Long copy or Short copy) that will be best to drive you leads and conversions for your website.
  • To ensure that the text design that is being used is legible and provides your targeted audience with the desired impression.
  • That the web copy that is being used successfully uses the marketing message through the AIDA formula (Attention, Interest, Desire and Action.)


Ensuring Better UX Before UI Even Begins

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The web design is incredibly important for your SEO performance. The incorrect web design can severely limit your website’s visibility and cause you to invest in more activities to get the SEO right following the web design. Rather than having this worked on in arrears, it is ideal to do this in advance. Work closely with the web design team when wire frames and concepts are being developed. The more synergy between the teams, the less opportunity there is for the duplication of work and costings to ensure that the SEO and other digital activities are working well.

Use of digital assets

The use of digital assets including images, videos and audio is incredibly important. On the website, it is important to tag these assets correctly to have them successfully indexed in Google. For the website and consumer journey experience, it is important that they are used well both on and off site, and that they are developed successfully for the target market.

Emerging digital marketing opportunities.

There are ongoing digital marketing opportunities that are being created. As these new opportunities continue to emerge, it is important that they are implemented into the digital marketing plan for the business over the long term. The sooner the business can take advantage of the emerging opportunity, the better position the business can seize in the market.

It is important for businesses to develop the synergy to achieve their digital success. From their digital platforms to their digital marketing, the synergy will reduce the investment and marketing costs over the long term. The business should also see an improvement in their web business engagement and conversions. So if your business hasn’t sought to synergies their efforts, the time is now.