Choosing a Commercial Photographer: Things to Keep In Mind

Commercial images are supposed to make you money. It is just like any other investment that you make on your business. The only difference is that commercial photographers are usually very expensive, and as far as any kind of photography goes, expensive does not always mean better.

These days anyone with a fancy camera considers themselves to be a photographer. Many people just do it because they think it is easy money because most people don’t know much about photography and it is easy to fool them. And when you’re choosing a commercial photographer, there are so many options available, that it is bound to get confusing. Well worry not, because after you’re done reading this blog post, you will be fully equipped with the knowledge needed to choose the right man for commercial or portrait photography job. Keep these things in mind when choosing a commercial photographer:


When choosing a commercial photographer, you will come across many that have done great work, but you cannot expect a person that has worked with a jewellery brand to click good pictures of a mine worker driving a 200 Ton truck.

Most photographers specialise in more than one style of photography and it is naturally smart to choose one whose area of expertise happens to be the same as your business.


Every photographer has a different style in terms of lighting, focus and image composition. Look at their work before hiring them and decide if you like their style, because your photos will come out very similar to those in their portfolio.

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Most photographers, especially commercial photographers start their careers with small businesses and as they grow in talent, experience, and confidence, they move to bigger brands and businesses. An experienced photographer has a lot of big client names under their kitty, and that speaks a lot. If they are good enough for other bigger businesses, there is a pretty good chance that they will deliver the results you are looking for.


Websites usually make it a point to only show the positive testimonials, but a lot of positive testimonials mean that the work is genuinely good quality. On the other hand, an absence of testimonials speaks for itself. Think about it, if people are saying good things about your business, why would you not want to show it to other potential clients?


For the most part, photography is not something that really needs any kind of guarantee, but asking about a guarantee will tell you a lot about the person you are planning to work with. If the answer is “Yes, we provide a guarantee.” or something similar, it means that the photographer is confident about their work and will deliver just what you need, in time. But if the answer is negative, it is advisable to move on to the next prospect.

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Notice how cost is at the very bottom? There is a good reason behind this. When it comes to hiring a photographer, don’t think about saving a few bucks. Cheap work will not be up to the mark and you will end up spending more than what you wanted to save.

An experienced photographer might be a little expensive but will bring out the best results for your product. They will bring their talent and professionalism to the table, and as a business owner, I assume you know the value of both of those things.


Choosing a commercial photographer is a very crucial job. If their work does not look appealing and professional, it will directly affect your business. So my advice to you is, don’t compromise anywhere, be it in terms of research, cost, or just cooperating with the photographer. Don’t be reluctant to give them directions whenever you feel the need to, after all, you know your product and audiences the best.

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