3 Must-Have Design Elements of a Great Company Logo

What does it take to build a powerful brand? Is it innovation and out-of-the-box thinking? Or is the determination to stand out from the crowd by finding new and better ways of doing things?

Well, in truth, there are many things that become the foundation of an influential brand and take it to the top. However, any brand expert worth their salt will agree that a professional and unique company logo sits at the centre of it all. So, the question has to be asked: “how do you create one?”

Creating a Perfect Company Logo

If you want to make a logo that’s creative, well-polished, and appealing, then the first thing you need to do is find the best development platform for the same. You don’t have to hire a professional logo designer (unless you want to spend hundreds of dollars for something you can get for less than 50 bucks), as you can find many top-notch logo software on the Internet that are easily accessible and affordable.

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Once you have zeroed on the perfect tool, it’s time to create your perfect company logo. In that regard, you must keep in mind the following “must-have” design elements:

  1. Timelessness

If you want your brand to be ageless, something that can stand the test of time, then you need a logo that’s too. In other words, your company logo should look not just today, but tomorrow i.e. the future as well. It should tell a story that can remain special and effective no matter how many years go by. For this, you can learn about building eternal brands with timeless stories.

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When you create a logo, it’s important you think long-term. It’s possible that what’s trending today may lose the charm in the near future. However, if your company logo is inspired by this fleeting trend, then when it fades away, your company logo might too.

  1. Simplicity

A great company logo is simple. Just take a look at the logos of well-established brands like HP, Warner Bros., Adidas, Facebook, etc. or even creative logo design ideas for inspiration by the top artists. If there is one thing that you will find common in all, it’s that they are all simple and easily identified.

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Someone who is new to branding and creative design may wonder “why would a company which makes billions a year want to have a simple company logo when it can have a more elaborate and complex design that shows true craftsmanship?”

Here is the thing- the simplest logos have the biggest impact. For instance, when you are traveling to another city, then you can identify a Nike logo on a billboard with its signature white “tick” on a plain black background from several hundred meters away. It’s simple, yet so effective-  a characteristic of a powerful logo.


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  1. Originality

What’s the difference between a business and a brand? The same difference between Apple and dozens of other mobile phone manufacturers that are indistinguishable.

When it comes to branding, including the logo design, then it’s originality that counts. In fact, failing to acknowledge this point alone can result in one of the biggest mistakes in your branding.

You may have some of the most innovative and game-changing ideas for your company, but if your logo looks uninspired and unoriginal, then your brand will itself look dull and run-of-the-mill. So, when you design your logo, it’s important you stay away from clichés and think out-of-the-box.

Bottom Line

Creating a compelling company logo isn’t rocket-science, at least not anymore as today we have advanced AI-based software that are capable of creating amazing logos in minutes. However, it still helps to learn the basics of logo designs, in which regard the points shared above shall help. Good luck!