Drawing Super Detailed Art

Artist is Obsessed with Drawing Super Detailed Art

Pavneet Sembhi is a brilliant artist who is obsessed with drawing super detailed art. Although his work is simple but full of finesse and dedication that can be shown. Pavneet Sembhi is a London based self-taught artist. He loves to create infrequent illustrations and putting a twist on conventional metaphors. “I hope you will find something here that intrigues you a little and lets you get lost for a moment in the lines and dots.” He says. “Over the years, IRead more

Warsaw on Air by Maciej Margas

Warsaw on Air by Maciej Margas Maciej Flew 3000ft above Warsaw to Take Photos

Warsaw on Air by Maciej Margas who is 22 years old photographer. He flew 3000ft above Warsaw to take photos that cannot be taken before. Maciej is 22 years old photographer based in Warsaw, Poland. He is student at the Warsaw school of Films and loves to take images from the top of high-rise building. Warsaw has a disastrous history as before 71 years it was burned to residues when the Warsaw Uprising in 1944. “A few months ago, IRead more

Wonderful Street Art and Graffiti Designs

Wonderful Street Art and Graffiti Designs

Here’s collection of 10 wonderful street art and graffiti designs of various artists. Street art and graffiti designs are using commonly as this drift has become so popular. Graffiti bring into being in the 60s. This is a form of art and is a type of art that is illicitly made on walls and have found commonality in public places. Spraying a paint, write a word or something and make a designs called graffiti. Whereas Street art is art whichRead more

Star Wars Illustrations by Orlando Arocena

Star Wars Illustrations by Orlando Arocena

Star wars illustrations by Orlando Arocena is an illustration and digital art based work of artist who is a big fan of Star Wars since 1977. He is a Mexican-Cuban-American who adores delivering creative solutions for some of the world’s most well-known Brands along with pursuing his artistic activities. “I believe that every opportunity is a chance to gain a new experience, a moment to build a relationship and a time to share the rewards of the final result.” HeRead more

Mini Lettering Series by Dangerdust

MicroQuotes – Mini Lettering Series by Dangerdust

MicroQuotes is a Mini lettering series by Dangerdust. Series of quote illustrations that are drawn by hand at a small scale and created in various media. Dangerdust is a graphic design and lettering duo who enjoy working with their hands and continually pushing their creative limits. They prefer to let their work speak for themselves and remain anonymous. Since then they have had the pleasure of working with a wide range of private and commercial clients including Nike, Target, Bed Bath &Read more

Amazing Vintage Styled Character Illustrations

Amazing Vintage Styled Character Illustrations

Here’s amazing vintage styled character illustrations by James Gilleard. He is illustrator and animator who’s working in London, England. Illustration scope has widely held as creative mind having person want to choose this field. They do their best to create something exceptional, unique and new. Field is full of such artists, illustrator or designers who made name in this field. They are well known for their work and we have been used to share their work to encourage them andRead more

Cool Gig Posters by Lars

Cool Gig Posters by Lars P. Krause

Here’s some cool gig posters by Lars P. Krause. He is Dresden, Germany based artist and illustrator. Gig poster is a design related field in which graphic designers can allow themselves to enjoy the pleasure of their passion for both art and music. Currently this trend has become very popular to develop design work which supports both artists and bands and in our inspiration gallery we shared Gig Posters for inspiration. This time I’ll bring out some cool gig postersRead more

Learn JavaScript and jQuery

Learn JavaScript and jQuery with Hands-On Project Lessons

Easily the best way to learn something is by doing it. With the online video course Learn JavaScript and jQuery from Eduonix, that’s exactly what you’ll be doing! Build 10 different working projects for the Web that will teach you the ways of JavaScript and jQuery along the way. Through more than 50 different lectures, you’ll learn how to build your very own Content Slider, YouTube Search Engine, Tic Tac Toe game and more! Highlights: Master the popular programming languagesRead more

Stretchy Navigation with CSS and jQuery

Stretchy Navigation with CSS3 and jQuery

Stretchy navigation with CSS and jQuery is a rotund navigation trigger that stretches on click/tap to expose the navigation items. This snippet would be beneficial in three diverse user cases; Fixed Navigation Add content button Edit content button Structure are pretty basic where nav.cd-stretchy-nav is used to cover an unordered list that contains the navigation items and trigger for the menu icon. There is an additional span.stretchy-nav-bg element which is used to create the stretchy background. Source