Predators is a series of amazing digital art by maxim shkret.

Maxim Shkret, an artist and designer, is from Krasnodar, Russia. In Predators series, Shkret made an amazing series of animal portraits by using ZBrush, V-Ray, 3DS Max, and Adobe CS5.

Today we decided to post his work which is labeled by 3D interpretation of vector graphics.

I hope, this post will be liked appreciated by our readers.

01-Predators-Amazing-Digital-Art-by-Maxim-Shkret amazing digital art by maxim 03-Predators-Amazing-Digital-Art-by-Maxim-Shkret amazing-digital-art-by-maxim amazing digital art by maxim 06-Predators-Amazing-Digital-Art-by-Maxim-Shkret amazing-digital-art-by-maxim

Source: Amazing Digital Art by Maxim