Valentines is a massive day for the retail industry. Companies often send out promotional emails as early as January but the largest amount of emails actually comes on the day itself when companies look to promote their services and goods and entice customers with special offers.


It is therefore essential that your company is prepared for Valentines Day and has a variety of ideas of ways in which you can promote your products of services. Emails are a relatively cheap and easy way to promote your business. However, before you start sending them out you will want to make sure that they grab the customer’s attention by being visually appealing. This means using appropriate colours and messages and making sure the email is laid out appropriately.

What Do You Want To Achieve With Your Email?

Before designing your email template, think about the reason you are sending them out. Do you hope to sell? Do you want to just say hi and reaffirm customer loyalty?

Most Valentine’s Day emails are sent to attract customers and notify them of promotional deals. A catchy subject line is vital here and there are many examples out there that can help inspire you to create your own. You should use catchy headings such as “Valentines gifts for your one and only” or “Ten ways to say I love you” to emphasise the occasion and encourage people to open your email.

These templates will typically have a bold and colourful image of the product in the email with details of the ensuing deal to accompany it.

retro 15


As you can see has utilised a recognisable Valentines pattern as the background to the 15% off promotion they are running. Images of the product are also included to entice the reader further.

If you are looking to drive traffic to your site rather than to a particular product page, you may want to try a ‘flyer style’ email template. Think of the events flyers you’ve received, they are carefully designed to entice you to arrive at a certain venue at a certain date. You need only to apply this to you Valentines day email:

love in the air

Credit: have constructed this banner to notify their users to return to the site on the specified dates.

Greeting messages

Not all companies send Valentine’s Day emails just to notify their customers of deals – some choose to use templates to send messages of greeting.

Usually a conventional “With Love From” greeting is printed along with details of the company sending it. A link to their website will more than likely be included by textual information will be kept as short as possible.


Saks has chosen to not go with the traditional pinks and reds and opted for more tranquil colours. They express the spirit of Valentine’s day through the text and an image of a heart to the right.

Unlike what Sak’s chosen colour scheme, traditional colours of red and pink will probably be used but the font type itself is likely to be different to marketing emails. This is because marketing emails require recipients to read greater volumes of text and therefore stick with plainer examples. Greeting emails contain far fewer words and that means more cursive fonts with elaborate decoration are viable options.

Sverige font Getting your message out there

Ultimately, you need to make sure your emails get to as many people as possible and that means relying on a secure method of distribution. You can use something like MailChimp to manage your email campaign.

Make sure your emails go out from professional looking email accounts. Avoid email addresses like or

If your email has a lot of images and is high in resolution, check the email hosting package you signed up for as many providers put a cap on how many emails you can send out. Make sure that you don’t exceed your data allowance as this could either incur extra charges or you may not be able to send your bulk email outs.