Do you wish to write an article up on Has a talent for writing about design, design inspiration, graphics, plugins, apps & developing articles. If yes, we can help you to have it read by readers who share or talk about the same thinking & interests. accepts offers & ideas for Tutorials, Inspirational, developing posts & good articles linked to Web Design, Design Inspiration, Coding & WordPress in wide-ranging.

How to Publish[divider_1px_bg]

The problem with the proposals we get is that we have to shed them for one reason or another. Such as we have to reject submissions that don’t related to our Website (Designing & Developing). We don’t accept content that are stolen from other websites as well.

Here are a few guidelines which can help to improve the probabilities of publishing, based on suggested articles, tutorials & designing.

1. Articles:

Do you wish to submit your article, discussion:
[list style=”1″ underline=”1″]

  1. Have an introduction, a body & an assumption.
  2. Captionate your main point & explain it.
  3. Make it sure that your article is up to 900 words. [/list][margin_15b]

2. Tutorials:

To make your Tutorial reader-friendly, follow the guidelines:
[list style=”1″ underline=”1″]

  1. Your article must be straight & to the point.
  2. The article should have Demo or final screen shot.
  3. If you are using some outside images, then put image sources or link back to the original website. [/list][margin_15b]

3. Featuring:

If you want to make a collection of Web Designing, illustrations, Graphic Designing or other source of Design inspiration collection:
[list style=”1″ underline=”1″]

  1. Submit minimum 25 design inspiration images with original source link.
  2. Image size must be 620px width & in a separate zipped file & properly named according to the content.
  3. All images must be in a maximum resolution.
  4. Put image sources or link back to the original website if you are using some outside images.
  5. Include the download link if it is a featuring apps, tools or plugins etc.[/list][margin_15b]


If your article is ready for submission ready then Click Here to submit.
Best of luck 🙂

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