Email opt-in plugin Bloom – Convert Visitors into Subscriber

email opt-in plugin bloom

Imagine having the power to turn your website visitors in to subscribers and customers. Amazing, isn’t it? It’s no more imagination now as Elegant Themes have made it factual. So, I am here to introduce a new Email Opt-in Plugin Bloom, built by Elegant Themes.

Bloom is basically an E-mail opt-in plugin which is formed to increase your email list. You just need to add Bloom email opt-in forms into your website by connecting to your email newsletter software. In a result when users will sign up, they will be added to your email list. As Bloom works with many different email marketing software, so it positively permits you to make any type of opt-in forms on any area of your website. Fly-ins, normal inline forms or pop-ups are different kinds of forms that can be created anyplace in your website. It permits you to create 6 different types of opt-in forms easily. In short, there is no limitation of creating any type of forms at all.

Bloom works with many diverse systems suchlike GetResponse, iContact, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, MailChimp, Feedbiltz, MadMinim, Ontraport, Aweber and MailPoet.

Below are 6 types of Email Opt-In forms having awesome and unique design that definitely grab the attention of users.

1. Pop-Up

email opt-in plugin bloom popup form

This opt-in shows a ligthtbox pop-up on your website. This is very good at gathering emails. There is the form within the pop-up that allows visitors to subscribe to your mailing list. This pop-ups can be placed anywhere on your website.

2. Fly-In

email opt-in plugin bloom flyin

The fly-in is same like as the pop-up but it is a bit smaller and flexible than fly-in. It doesn’t create a full-screen lightbox pop-up, rather it creates smaller form which slides up from the bottom corner of the page. These fly-ins can be triggered using the Bloom triggers.

3. Below Post

email opt-in plugin bloom Below Post


May be this is the very common opt-in form. This creates an opt-in form that is automatically added to the bottom of your posts or pages. When a visitors complete reading your post, they are displayed with an opt-in form which allows them to subscribe to your blog updates.

4. Inline

email opt-in plugin bloom inline

The inline opt-in permits you to add an opt-in form anywhere inside your pages and posts. This form automatically generates a short code which can be pasted inside your posts and pages where you want to display the form anywhere on your website.

5. Widget

email opt-in plugin bloom widgets-mocks

The widget opt-in automatically generates an opt-in in the form of widget. Once it generated, the widget will display in your Widgets tab in the WordPress Dashboard and will allow you to add the form to any widgetized area on your website (such as website’s sidebar or footer).

6. Locked Content

email opt-in plugin bloom locked content

Locked content is the best way to build email list by requiring visitors to sign up before they get access to content on your website. Content can be locked. Once the visitor subscribes, they will be granted to have access content hidden behind the form. It automatically generates a short code that can be placed within your posts, wrapped around the content that you would like “lock.”

Campaigns Statistics Report

Bloom opt-ins plugin provides a detail report of every exclusive campaign you have created. Once opt-ins have been created, the next step is to know about its potency and power. Bloom stats page, facilitate you to have an idea about opt-in form’s performance, as well as let you know how fast your email list is growing. It permits you to create 6 different types of opt-in forms. There is no limitation that how many forms you are creating or have been created.

email opt-in plugin bloom Statistics campaign report

Bloom email opt-in plugin have built in short codes that will appeared in all locked content. In inline opt-ins you just need to copy and paste the short code into the post or page to display the opt-in. Split Test for your campaigns can be created too.

Opt-in form can be disabled at any time without deleting it. This form can be saved for later and you can re-activate it at a later time.

You can duplicate a form at any time. If you want to create a new variation design or would like to create a different opt-in type using the same design settings, you just need to duplicate the opt-in. If you no longer want to use an opt-in, it can be deleted permanently.

For more information check this out the gallery and demo plugin and also take a look on blog post about Bloom plugin.

In the end, I’ll say that Bloom email opt-in plugin is really useful and handy for websites owners. If you have any website, then you should use it to increase your subscribers and costumer.  It works well. (y)