Creative Portfolio for Freelancer and Agency – Petal

Petal is developed in a minimalistic yet creative way so that your projects stand out from the crowd. It’s versatile, so it can be used in many purposes like – portfolios, agencies, freelancers, creative group, artists, professionals and much more.

It is quick to setup and easy to customize. All pages, posts, projects, mega menus, layout blocks (headers, footers, quick sidebars…) are included as Visual Composer templates so you can create a new page with any of these or use a combination.

This is the first theme with such versatility that let’s you build Mega Menus, Header and Footer with Visual Composer. Coupled with a powerful Theme Options panel it will take your site to completely new level.

If you are an agency building sites for clients you will love these unlimited customization options. Also header, footer, quick sidebar sections have revisions enabled so your work is safe.

Classic Mega Menus have endless configurations and are very inflexible. With Petal build Mega Menus with Visual Composer just like would build a page, no crazy options that make your head spin.

Petal - Creative Portfolio for Freelancer and Agency



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