10 WordPress Christmas Plugins to Make Your Christmas Jovial

10 WordPress Christmas Plugins to Make Your Christmas Jovial

Here are 10 WordPress Christmas plugins to make your Christmas Jovial. Now you can embellish your website accordingly.


This is month of Christmas. People are making plans that how they can decorate their house with Christmas trees along with shiny lights, glitter and simmer. All are much energized as they are very near to snowflakes, bells and Santa. Especially youngsters and children are very excited and their excitement can be seen by looking on their faces. Their activities show how much they are happy. Fresh ideas, anticipation and thinking are going up to make this occasion most memorable as ever.

I thought that if house can be decked out with Christmas tree, light and bells then why we don’t do such things with website? Yes, we can adorn our website and blog according to this occasion. I made this post just for you by collecting some WordPress Christmas countdown, Christmas games, Snowflakes, plugins. These plugins will facilitate you to fetch your site according to Christmas ambiance. Your site will give the impression of being celebratory. Some of these plugins will allow you show a countdown widget. Santa runs here and there for spreading joys and optimism. Schedule holiday message can also be sent to readers to let them all know about it.

I collected a list of 10 WordPress Christmas plugins to make your Christmas jovial. Expectantly, this post will be liked by you all.

5sec Snow

10 WordPress Christmas Plugins to Make your Christmas Jovial


Tribulant Snow Storm

Display falling snow flakes on the front of your WordPress website for a festive presentation.



Advent Calendar

A simple calendar plugin to show a list of 24 days before Christmas. Each day can be viewed automatically on the current date after it got published.



Christmas Countdown Widget

The Christmas Countdown Widget displays a cute Santa Claus counting down to Christmas in your sidebar. On Christmas day Santa displays a “Merry Christmas” greeting to your visitors. Since the countdown automatically updates each year and starts the countdown over again on the day after Christmas, you can leave it in your sidebar all year round if you want!



Game Christmas Furious

This year Christmas will be furious! Many balloons invaded the North Pole, and Santa has to run to catch the gifts. But he changed his sleigh, and he is now fast and furious! Help Santa to dodge the balloons and ending with the highest number of gifts. You can pass all the levels?

Christmas Furious is a fun game with excellent graphics, with 6 levels which increase the difficulty. Guarantee hours of fun!
10 WordPress Christmas Plugins to Make your Christmas Jovial


Christmas card with Many Effects

Show your customers how you value for them with this beautiful and elegant Christmas card. There are several animations, including parallax! You can modify all text, and leave the card with your identity. All the pleasant sound of beautiful music.

You can see the animation on the tablet and phone, because the card was made with html5. Fully touch! The arts are included, are 2-color cards and even has a help file.

10 WordPress Christmas Plugins


Prestashop Christmas Effects

Prestashop Christmas Effects Module will help you perfect your first impression to your customers. Now, your dream store with snowflakes falling on Christmas Eve, colorful fireworks on New Year Event or shimmering candle lights on Birthday becomes real. You can customize this module for any holiday like Birthday, New Year, and Valentine…



Christmas Card Flat

Show your friends how much you and the customer appreciates the Christmas card with a modern, flat style. There are many animations and effects, and you can choose a color between the three that came with the card. And there’s a beautiful song.

You can see the animation on the tablet and phone, because the card was made with html5. Fully touch! The arts are included, are 3 color cards and even has a help file.

WordPress Christmas Plugins


Snow 3D – Christmas Plugin for WordPress

Do you want to decorate your page with modern, smart, unique, and Christmas snowflakes? The snow 3D effect will make your page interesting and smart for users with amazing spirit of upcoming winter!

WordPress Christmas Plugins


Game FlapCat Christmas

Now things have become more difficult to FlapCat. In this special Christmas version of the hit FlapCat, FlapCat Christmas brings a new difficulty, are two reindeer that guide FlapCat. The game has new design and features Christmas.

FlapCat Christmas maintains the characteristics of the other games being fun and difficult. And maintaining its characteristic Steampunk. What is his record?

Developed with Construct, program must have license to edit, and export to Android, iOS and others.

10 WordPress Christmas Plugins