mo.js – Motion Graphics Library for the Web


mo.js is motion graphics library for the web which is considered the dominant graphic library for the web.

mo.js – motion graphics library for the web has smooth animation and effects to amaze user’s experience. As screen density is independent, so it look all the time good on any device.

Now large file size is finished as it is custom build for the current projects. There are many other features too that can be get by using this.

mo.js Features:

  1. Fast: Silky smooth animations and effects for staggering user’s experience.
  2. Retina Ready: Screen density independent effects look good on any device.
  3. Simple: Simple declarative APIs to master your motion project with ease.
  4. Modular: Custom build for the current project’s needs. Bye bye large file size overheads.
  5. Robust: 1100+ unit tests and ci techniques help us to carve & backstrap the reliable tool.
  6. Open Sourced: Great growing community refines mo· js fast and ships frequently.

Demo  | Download