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Lightweight Way to Handle Timezones in JS – Spacetime

A lightweight way to manipulate, traverse, compare, and format dates and times across planet Earth

Spacetime does some ugly things. it can sometimes get confused. but by making realistic compromises space-time considerably under-weighs most date libraries.
It lets you have a mostly-great time, without thinking about awful things.
  • Get/set dates and times in remote timezone
  • Global support for Daylight Savings Timeleap years + seconds, and hemispheres
  • Orient by quarter, season, month, and week
  • Remote date comparison
  • Written in ES2015 JS, published as ES5, tested for Node and the browser
  • Weighs in at just 35KB (12KB compressed)
  • Well tested, Apache 2.0 licensed
  • Made by your friendly friends at Begin



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