Should I learn and switch to HTML5 or not?

Advantages of HTML5:

HTML5 is the latest version of HTML which has made the development process simple and easy. With cutting-edge features, it is the buzzword at the moment in the tech world. Lauded by experts, HTML5 has a host of features for added benefits including content security, improved semantics, interoperability and accessibility, drag and drop support, Browser history management, document editing and timed media playback. Apart from all these, there are some really interesting features and benefits you would like to know.

So, lets have a look at those added advantages of HTML5 after which you won’t be able to resist using it.
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  • DOCTYPE declaration
    You need not copy and paste those long lines of code for doctype declaration like you used to do in older versions of HTML and XHTML > HTML5 comes up with a short and sweet doctype declaration which you can type easily. Moreover, the added advantage is that it works in every browser.

    Believe it or not, this is it! This is the only code needed in HTML 5 to declare DOCTYPE.
  • Cleaner code
    For all of you sitting there who always wished to minimize the code, HTML 5 shortens the code using its newly added tags. in HTML 5. There is no need of ‘div’ and ‘class’ here.
    For example: The simple header code with navigation:

    Although this code is very clean, simple and easy to understand, HTML5 comes up with simpler than this. Though [html]

    [/html] and [html]
    [/html] are easy, you can replace it by [html]