JQuery Mask Plugin by Igor Escobar

JQuery Mask Plugin by Igor Escobar

A jQuery Plugin is used to make masks on form fields and HTML elements. JQuery Mask Plugin has been tested with jQuery 1.7+ on all major browsers. Some Cool feature are listed below.

  1. Lightweight (~2kb minified, ~1kb gziped).
  2. Masks on any HTML element (no need to server-side mask anymore!)!
  3. HTML notation support (data-mask, data-mask-recursive, data-mask-max length, and data-mask-clearifnotmatch).
  4. String/Numeric/Alpha/Mixed masks.
  5. Reverse mask support for masks on numeric fields.
  6. Sanitization.
  7. Optional digits.
  8. Recursive Digits.
  9. Automatic max length.
  10. Advanced mask initialization.
  11. Callbacks.
  12. On-the-fly mask change.
  13. Mask removal.
  14. Full customization.
  15. Compatibility with Zepto.js.
  16. UMD compatible.
  17. HTML5 placeholder support.
  18. Clear the field if it not matches support.


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