Deal of The Week: MotoCMS Professional Website Builder

Building a Professional website doesn’t need to be difficult. Even if you have zero design or programming skills, there are plenty of HTML templates and content management systems to get you started. But it can be a bit overwhelming at times, not to mention expensive if you want to do even a touch of customization.

And of course, there can be real lengthy delays as you continually go back and forth with a designer to get your look finalized. With this Mighty Deal from MotoCMS Professional website builder, however, you can get your own professional HTML website built in no time, without spending a fortune!


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MotoCMS HTML Website Highlights:

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  • Your Own Website
    Choose any one professional design from the MotoCMS library of gorgeous, professional templates. A powerful and simple-to-use CMS tool will let you easily customize your site to your needs.
  • Simple Drag & Drop Website Builder
    Change up the design and content of your site right in your browser simply by dragging and dropping various elements. No need to use FTP or any programming language at all. Updating your site is as easy as arranging icons on your desktop.
  • Large Widgets Collection
    Tap into the widgets library to add some amazing features to your site such as menus, image galleries, Web forms, Google Maps, social sharing buttons and more!
  • Mobile Availability
    Every template from MotoCMS’ HTML collection includes a mobile version that you can easily customize to fit the look, feel and style of your regular website.
  • Simple Image Editing
    Websites are fairly boring without photos, right? Well it couldn’t be easier to add and edit your photos. Just upload them directly from your camera and you can edit them right in your browser window.
  • Multi-Media Integration
    If you’d like to add other media like videos and photos from other website services, you’re in luck. It’s a snap to integrate media files into your site from popular sites like YouTube, Picasa, Flickr and Facebook, with no limit to the number of files you want to use.
  • SEO Ready
    Making your site accessible to search engines like Google is critical to increasing your traffic. MotoCMS’ templates are all built for you to easily integrate SEO into your site, even offering advanced SEO techniques to further improve your chance for higher rankings.
  • Free Updates for Life
    With your purchase of this Mighty Deal, you’ll get free lifetime updates from MotoCMS. There’ll never be any need to download extra software or pay additional fees.


Products/services you pay forMotoCMS rates (for this offer only!)Another CMS (average rates)
Professional CMS$470-$400
Professional design00-$1000
Simple SEO0*0-$400**
Support & updates00-$40 per year
Theme customization0*$300**
Hosting migration00-$200
Content update0*$100-$400**
For a web guru$47$400+
For me and you$47$1,000+