Beautune app is designed for both Windows and Mac to transform your photos. It takes your portrait photos and wonderfully make them over. It’s very simple to use as you can make a professional looking photo with the touch of button and alter picture by using different tools such as smoothen skin, remove marks, whiten teeth, change color of eyes etc. It’s like having a complete makeover studio inside your computer.


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Beautune Highlights:

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  • Complete Makeover Kit
    With Beautune, you can quickly and easily give any portrait photo a complete makeover! Soften skin, remove blemishes, reshape faces, you name it! Just like the pros, you can turn any old photo into a magazine cover-worthy image!
  • Simple to Use
    No experience necessary at all! With Beautune’s super-simple interface, you can dive right in immediately and start editing photos like a pro!
  • Smoothen Your Skin
    Beautune is like having a virtual makeup kit! Use the foundation brush to create a perfect even look on your photos. Go ahead and add some blush to the cheeks and even remove unwanted blemishes like moles, scars or pimples. And forget about those dark circles under your eyes. A quick tap and you can roll back the years like magic!
  • Virtual Plastic Surgery
    Want a rounder face? Need to lose that double chin? Just use the reshape tool and you can gently sculpt away at your features or even fix some bad camera angles.
  • Fine-Tune the Focus
    With a nifty Defocus Tool, you can blur out various areas of your photo. That leaves the important part of your portrait for viewers to hone in on.
  • Eye Alterations
    Beautune even includes some beautiful tools to highlight eyes. Besides automatically removing red eye, you can adjust eyes by changing the eye color, making them larger, adding eyeshadow or mascara, and loads more.
  • Whiten Teeth
    Sure, there are whitening treatments to help you get those chompers pearly white, but who has time for that? Instead, use the simple editing tools to instantly whiten those teeth. You can even boost up and change the lip color!
  • Filters and Frames
    When you’re done with your portrait makeover, there’s still plenty of fun to be had. Play around with various filters and photo frames to really give your entire image a bold new look.
  • Share Your Photos
    Beautune even makes it a breeze to share your masterpiece with the world. You can easily email your finished product to a friend or client, or share it on your favorite social network.
  • Multiple Operating Systems
    Beautune works on both Windows and Mac. It’s compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 or later, as well as Windows 7 and 8 (both 32 and 64 bit versions).

Demo Videos:


Create Perfect Portraits With Beautune

Create Perfect Portraits With Beautune

Create Perfect Portraits With Beautune

Create Perfect Portraits With Beautune


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