20 Creative Websites with Video Backgrounds

Wanna have some unique, up to date, creative websites with videos backgrounds?

So, here we are to present such websites that have awesome and creative video backgrounds.

Websites with Video backgrounds considered the rising trends in web designs. Designers always known to give the capability to render video content in HTML5. It has become informal and easier to add animation to create higher user experience.

In earlier days, Flash was adept for such expertise but JavaScript and HTML5 have taken place of it and make it faultlessly possible to stretch the video videotape to fill the browser window. Motion pictures have been seen to take the place of motionless images in website headers and backgrounds.

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There are some sites that are making the large, browser-sized videos by expending them as the background for web page. It allows them to change the graphic experience in an innovative and creative ways.

Russian Alphabet of Mystical Creatures

While some sites are using large background videos to imperceptibly change the frame of mind, although some others are representing their product in action.

It would be really great idea to show the video background by adding dynamic forces and environment to the site. For sure, this is a great opportunity to show your skills, abilities and creativity.



Funktional Agency

Riccardo Zanutta



Crux Kitchen Lookbook

Essentially Geared Wine Co.


Dock by Crestyl

Leeds Golf Centre

Andrea Sichinolfi


Eagle Films


The Hybrid Forest

Mountain DEW x NBA

Entice Energy

Croatian Market Portfolio iPhone App