Web Design Industry Analysis/Professionals vs Amateurs

Web Design Industry Analysis Professionals vs Amateurs Infographics

What is the future of the web design industry? Would website creation be led by non-professional amateurs and hobbyists using DIY solutions? What role would professional designers play in this evolving market? This market analysis exposes the marginal market share of DIY website builders and the rise of professional code-free solutions for designers lead by Webydo and Adobe Muse.

The infographic below portrays the role of professionals vs. amateurs in the current web design market. Until recently, the market offered only two kinds of solutions. B2B solutions for developers who create advanced websites in a professional process by converting custom graphic design into code. And B2C (DIY) solutions targeted at amateurs wishing to create one basic business website by modifying pre-designed templates in a “fast, fun & easy” process.

Now, a third segment has emerged lead by Webydo, disrupting the website design market with an independent B2B solution for professional designers wishing to create advanced websites for their clients with custom tailored designs and without writing even one line of code or hiring developers.

Web Design Industry AnalysisProfessionals vs Amateurs

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