Artist Vincent Bal Turn Shadows into Ingenious Illustrations

Belgian filmmaker and illustrator Vincent Bal turn shadows into ingenious illustrations with full intention and dedication.

Passion, hobby and interest has no constraint. This is beyond limitation. The one who has inventive mid can do everything but of course, interest is must. Hobby, passion and attention push person to get into desire profession to do things exceptionally. There are many fields in which people are doing their best. They get title accordingly such as photographer, illustrator, digital artists, designer, developer and so on. This is what they achieved because of their work as engineer, doctor, teacher, physician, optometrist etc. get because of their work on specific field.

It’s all about passion. We have been used to share work of many artists and designers to let you know about them and of course acknowledge their outstanding and remarkable work. See more objects that are turned into an art piece

This time we gathered work of Belgian filmmaker and illustrator Vincent Bal who shadows into ingenious illustrations with full aim and devotion. Each image shows his creativity and inventive state of mind while creating such piece.

He uses ordinary objects and turn them into an piece of art. I am sure you guys would like his work.



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