Fantastic Stippling Nature Art Created by Josefine Svärd

Stippling Nature Art

We bring out awesome and fantastic stippling nature art created by Swedish illustrator Josefine Svärd. She stunningly created this stippling art that show prettiness of nature.

What if you’ve nothing to do? What if you’re getting bore just because there’s nothing to do but still you’re willing to do something to get rid of boredom. Well, not a big issue if someone is an artist like illustrator, painter or photographer. He can create or make any piece of art to pass time. In fact, mostly masterpiece can be seen by the artist who have been created in spare time.

Josefine is an amazing illustrator who creates awesome stippling art that show the beauty of nature. Astronomic skies, plants, mountains, trees and wild animals are cool, calm and collected of loads of small hand-drawn dots that taking them along to life in convoluted detail. You may have seen that a lot of artist’s scenes are framed inside the hand-drawn symmetrical frames but every so often feature components such as streams and trees that look to spill out and grow from the boundaries of trapping lines.

Some of her works come from her own imagining and thoughts but some other illustrate scenes come from famed classic imagined tales. Yes, it is and she does it beautifully, stunningly. Fans of Lord of the Rings instantly be familiar with her monotonous versions of Rivendell, The Shire, The Two Towers and The Argonath. She has openly talked about her struggles with mental health on Instagram by clarifying that being inventive helps with her anxiety. She has over 70,000 Instagram followers which show that hard work and determination pays off.

“I’m stunned. I try to understand how this is happening but I don’t come up with anything. This is just something I did because I loved to create and to ease my anxiety. I can’t believe I can celebrate another milestone like this. I am forever grateful, and so thankful for the amazing support I get from you every day.” She writes.

If you see her work, you’ll come to know how beautifully and skillfully she used to create a piece of art, in fact a single piece of art. I am sure you guys would like her work. Here we go;

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