Surprisingly Anomaly Photography by Paul Viollet

Surprisingly Anomaly Photography

These surprisingly anomaly photography is truly astonishing. Each image is full of thrill, joy, happiness, imagination, desire and passion.

Paul Viollet get involved in photography when he was 15 years old. He studied at ISCOM Paris and became creative director in advertising agency. He has been working on conception of ideas along with visual design, cooperating with photographers, illustrators and filmmakers for more than 9 years.

More personal projects named Anomaly was created in 2016. His aim was to created artistic and surreal images with realistic touch that appeal attention at first sight.

“The images created for Anomaly are associated images that do not work together. It is by associating them that the “anomaly” is naturally created.” He says.

“In my opinion, the anomaly is more effective if there are few associated images together. I always value a minimalist approach, I wish my final image is simple and seems obvious. From a skater in the air to a flame-lamppost through an infinite pool or a basketball hoop at the top of a hill, all his “anomaly” can be found on his Instagram account.” He says.

Surprisingly anomaly photography is totally what he wanted to make and show to others. I am sure you guys would like his photography that’s really inspiring and noteworthy.