Fairytale Fantasy Photography to Show the Beauty

Fairytale Fantasy Photography

Fairytale fantasy photography is another level of photography that show the beauty of the world with an imaginary perspective.

TJ Drysdale and Victoria Yore have travel around the world and portrayed beautiful locations in fairytale-like scenes. They portray scene in an awesome and amazing way which is truly remarkable. They always looking to grow their earlier work and to keep their images feeling fresh. “We have used the ‘girl in the white dress’ that has become our signature for so long. The problem is we have shot the white dress in places like Iceland three times in a row, so it was time to add something new and different!” Yore tells.

To heighten their work, they added colorful curving and smooth ponchos to Yore’s wardrobe. “You see yellow jackets or maybe people wearing dresses but have you ever seen a yellow cape in a landscape?” she says.  At present, they have five capes in spin. “One is grey, one is dark navy blue, one is yellow, one is red and we just got in a dark green cape for our upcoming trip to Italy.”

“A cloaked/hooded figure is unique to see in landscapes and adds even more of a mysterious element than ever before,” Yore explains. “We are really excited to see what the future holds as we continue to adapt.”

This fairytale fantasy photography is truly amazing and beautiful as the way they work is exceptional. Personally, I like the way they work, they play with prop to make images outstanding. Their photography is awesome.