Here are some awesome overlay icon designs to make you enthuse.

What an icon is? It is a graphical symbol of any program or file to be opened when click. Icons are supposed to identify any kind of program or file that is linked with that icon. These are used with GUI (graphical user interface) operating system such as Microsoft Window and Apple Mac OS. In short icons help you out to recognize program and open it as fast as possible linked with. So, our post is containing awesome overly icon designs for inspiration. These overlay icon designs aren’t just awesome but beautiful, fine-looking and stunning too. I am sure you guys will like these icons. Here are these;

Awesome Overlay Icon Designs 16-Awesome-Overlay-Icon-Designs-002 16-Awesome-Overlay-Icon-Designs-003 Overlay Icon Designs 16-Awesome-Overlay-Icon-Designs-005 16-Awesome-Overlay-Icon-Designs-006 16-Awesome-Overlay-Icon-Designs-007 16-Awesome-Overlay-Icon-Designs-008 16-Awesome-Overlay-Icon-Designs-009 Overlay Icon Designs 16-Awesome-Overlay-Icon-Designs-011 Overlay Icon Designs 16-Awesome-Overlay-Icon-Designs-013 16-Awesome-Overlay-Icon-Designs-014 16-Awesome-Overlay-Icon-Designs-015 16-Awesome-Overlay-Icon-Designs-016


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