25 Multi Layered Lettering that are Truly Amazing

Multi Layered Lettering

Intense multi layered lettering with added shading and perspective the words appear as if they are 3D with dramatic text hoops and folds.

Pref is a British graffiti artist who stunningly converts words and sayings into visual understandings of their meanings or messages by creating the word “undo” into a knot or layering the slogan “all over the place” on top of itself to take up as much exterior area as possible. with added shading and perspective the words appear as if they are 3D with dramatic text hoops and folds. He explores words and phrases over and done with exclusive multi-layered murals. Pref’s 3D text is created with join up of sayings placing one word inside of another to give multiple perceptions.

Since he acquired his start almost two years ago. He always been interested in challenging graffiti’s aesthetic working with typesetting to bring an easy to get appearance to painted text. At first the street artist worked with the negative space between letters which ultimately became letters themselves. This transmuted into his signature style of collective texts which he has been exploring since 2010.

“Since then I have pushed and experimented with this idea of overlapping words, seeing how many I can fit into the space of one word, and then slowly boiling it down and simplifying this idea to become more legible. This in turn lead more to the use of ‘typography’ throughout my style as you see today. I have always been interested in the idea of graffiti speaking to the general public, rather than just other graffiti writers, and readable letters or a more ‘typographic’ approach has been a good route to that.” He says.

Some words are easy to read but some of them are little bit intricate and hard to even read. One need to see thrice in order to get what’s been designed. But, yes, awesome and remarkable work which cannot be denied at all. I am sure you guys would like his work. Here we go;

Multi Layered LetteringMulti-Layered-LetteringMulti-Layered-LetteringMulti-Layered-LetteringMulti-Layered-LetteringMulti-Layered-LetteringMulti-Layered-LetteringMulti Layered LetteringMulti-Layered-LetteringMulti-Layered-LetteringMulti-Layered-LetteringMulti-Layered-LetteringMulti Layered LetteringMulti-Layered-LetteringMulti Layered LetteringMulti-Layered-LetteringMulti-Layered-LetteringMulti-Layered-LetteringMulti-Layered-LetteringMulti-Layered-LetteringMulti-Layered-LetteringMulti-Layered-LetteringMulti-Layered-LetteringMulti-Layered-LetteringMulti-Layered-LetteringInstagram

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