Monumental Murals Revealing Personal Complexities

Hyuro, a brilliant artist beautifully painted outstanding, different and monumental murals everywhere from Brazil, Italy and Spain to Belgium and The Netherlands.

She was concerned to murals at very young age and these monumental murals show her attention and interest very well. Buenos Aires has an elongated custom of culture nearby public space and murals have always been an important element. “I’m not sure in which moment I started to love it, or if it was always there. I think I could have never imagined the strong impact that working on public spaces had on me.” she says.

Devoid of a certain theme to work surrounded by, her work is focused on observing and portraying the more multifaceted side of human lives. She discovers how our inner lives have and leave an emotional impact on the relationships and how they are redirected in society. If I say she’s perfectly doing her best to expose what she really wants to show, it won’t be wrong. Yes, she’s doing actually she want to do. By painting large images she’s portraying everyday moments and emotions.

The personal characteristic of her work starts with her opinions, observations and concerns and come to an end from side to side reference photos she makes for each piece. “I’m not interested in these subjects only from a representation perspective, but as well as a way to keep understanding and knowing myself and somehow try to understand, or digest better the world where we live in,” she describes.

“This last year I hardly spent time in the studio,” she shares her 2018 schedule which was completed with the part she just finished in Brazil. Feeling torn about being constantly “on the road” and knowing that some time off is healthy and much needed, she continues her work as it’s a way for her to deal with her most inner feelings.

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Her work is warm and very personal. Her universe is troubling and her language is truthful. In her work, she does not speak about her rather uses the wall as a looking glass in which she continually searches for and is in this route that painting set the echo free of conversation with herself. One just need to take a look on paintings to understand what she wanted to portray. What she wanted to say and reveal.

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