Return to Kooktown by Brandon Johnson

Return to Kooktown

Here’s illustration based character design Return to Kooktown by Brandon Johnson. He exquisitely cartooning all these characters.

Creative mind cannot stop thinking to create and make new piece of art. They always remain busy to think and create something new, unique and commendable to inspire people. Glass of water can be formed into a peerless art piece either by doodling or painting, or by capture image. Cloud slice can be drawn as icy peaks, artist can change the whole way of image just by his imagination and thinking. Whatever he ruminates, draw, make or capture to create any form of art.  In fact, the person that has artistic intelligent, can draw unique sketch created by his/her mind. It can be urge, desire and passion or can be a line of work. It all about preferences, choices and of course leisure pursuit of any person to do so. It’s our aim to explore such inventive mind who are made-up to devote themselves for designing and developing. They just want to bring out something one and only that can inspire others. We are pleased to bear this aim out as we have been used to share work of such designers and artists with you. This time we gathered illustration based work of an artist who is a Creative Director Ragnarama. Return to Kooktown is cartooning character design series of Brandon Johnson who is Costa Mesa, USA based artist. He is such a wonderful artist who knows how to deal with creative skill in order to bring out the creative piece of work. Cartoon Network, DC, Nickelodeon, Disney, Dreamworks, Sony, Mattel, Bad Robot, Dark Horse, Warner Brothers and Legendary Pictures, these are list of his clients.

I am sure you will like the way he illustrates characters and present to us. Here are these;

Return-to-Kooktown Return to Kooktown Return to Kooktown Return-to-Kooktown Return-to-Kooktown
Return to Kooktown Return to KooktownReturn-to-Kooktown