If Your Food Told the Brutal Truth – Food Illustrations

If Your Food Told the Brutal Truth

If your food told the brutal truth is an illustration series of David Olenick who is a designer and illustrator.

We love sharing artistic, creative and design based work with our readers. Searching for something exceptional, fresh and new is our aim and we are fully satisfied to fulfil this as much as we can. This time we are presenting something interesting and entertaining to make you all inspired and smiling. This series is entitled with “if your food told the brutal truth” which is created by David Olenick. He is a designer and illustrator and this series of sassy food illustrations get to the core of how we really think and feel about food. If you see all images, you’ll find that Olenick’s art amusingly taps into all of our food-related concerns. His work raids the perfect balance between acceptances and sarcastic that are extremely held embarrassments about what we eat.

I am sure readers will enjoy this post by knowing the brutal truth about food we’ve used to eat.

If Your Food Told the Brutal Truth If Your Food Told the Brutal Truth Food Quotes Illustration If-Your-Food-Told-the-Brutal-Truth-004 Food Quotes Illustration If-Your-Food-Told-the-Brutal-Truth-006 If-Your-Food-Told-the-Brutal-Truth-007 If-Your-Food-Told-the-Brutal-Truth-008 If-Your-Food-Told-the-Brutal-Truth-009 If-Your-Food-Told-the-Brutal-Truth-010 If Your Food Told the Brutal Truth If-Your-Food-Told-the-Brutal-Truth-012


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