Basically high speed photography is an accomplished proficiency of capturing pictures by way of a extremely fast shutter accelerate and also mostly useful for the scenes which should not be seen alongside nude eyes. For high accelerate photos, you need to use almost any SLR digital camera, but an expensive digital camera can go a faster shutter speed as well as high speed photos is the game of shutter accelerate.

London-based photographer Edward Horsford has mastered the technique of timing in these photographs that feature split-second water balloon explosions. He’s well-known for this exciting series, saying, “I started these as a way to challenge myself technically and creatively.” He’s had great success with this self-initiated challenge!

Horsford’s goal in photography is to capture high speed moments that are rarely seen. Focusing on a solid background, his own hand, and a colorful water balloon, he perfectly times the moments when each rubber balloon breaks and a spray of water floats in the air before quickly flooding to the ground.

Horsford built his own trigger, customized to function and adapt to exactly the right speeds. He sets up in the dark and uses a flashlight to focus on the main point of his image. He then experiments with composition, strobe lighting, angles, and color combinations to keep his photographs visually interesting. The process is so complex and exact, that each photograph is more unique than the next!

High Speed Photography By Edward Horsford


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  1. This post instantly caught my eye and made me want to read on. I haven’t seen anything like this before and I am amazed at the outcome of the imagery created. This is very interesting and I will be sure to check out the designers website. Thank you for sharing.

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