20 Creative Gym and Fitness Logo Designs

Gym and Fitness Logo Designs

Here’s creative, tempting, eye-catching and inspiring gym and fitness logo designs that can be used for your desire project.

These gym and logo designs are supposed to use for fitness center. Product, brand, company, institution, website or any organization need to have logo design to be well thought-out are very important. These are essential not just people let know about product or brand but necessary for promotion as well.

If it will be utilitarian, eye-catching and fine then user will engage for sure as things are to be known because of appearance. This is the primary thing that represent any company, brand or website etc. It should be as perfect as it can be, as minimal and clean as easy to remember to read.

If we talk about gym and fitness logo designs, yes, this trend is very common now as these hubs also prefer to have logo either it is being made of shapes, lines, words or text. They epitomize their gym and fitness by using suitable, fitted and perfect logo design to allure people.

This post has wonderful and creative collection of gym and fitness logo designs that will provide you fresh ideas to have something new and up-to-the-date.

Gym Peak Logo

Gym Peak Logo growcase logo logotype brand identity gym peak biceps workout summit strong arm mountain range

Workout Logo Design

Workout gym building body health fitness crossfit workout sports lettering custom logotype logo

Gym Town

Gym Town design logo space negative town city shadow weights dumbbell buildings towers gym


Gympo smolkinvision smolkinvladislav mark logo gym hippopotamus hippo kettlebell

Personal Trainer Logo

James Richardson Personal Trainer Logo gym branding trainer personal illustrator photoshop type identity brand logo

Tyr Fitness Logo

Tyr Fitness Logo gym branding tyr wings illustrator photoshop type identity brand logo

Port Credit Fitness

Port Credit Fitness typography ontario lighthouse gym fitness branding logo

Gym Logo Mark

Gym Mark logo identity mark symbol gym fitness sports

Fitness Brand Logo Design

Fitness Brand Logo mark cvlt crossfit gym logo brand fitness


Gymverse universe strong strength stars space logotype logo health gym fit branding brand

V + Fitness Logo Design

V + fitness / Logo WIP application brand energy pin fitness mark logo

Gym – Biceps – Pill Logo

gym / biceps / pill logo symbol illustration icon

Fitness + Pin Logo Design

Fitness + Pin Logo Design logo icon identity design branding brand fitness fit gym kettlebell negative space

Find a Fitness Logo Design

Find a Fitness Logo Design logo icon identity design brand branding pin cardio cardiogram health fitness gym


TuliVesi illustrator vector identity fitness grunge elegant seagulls mark water fire logo branding yoga

Bison Fitness Logo

Bison fitness sport red bison minimal idea brand logos logo

The Fitness Lab

The Fitness Lab lettering brush pen cursive hand drawn sketch logo fitness gym

Cookfit Logo Design

fitness logo images

The Strength Guys

The Strength Guys logo seal emblem black gold strength fitness bold anvil forefathers
Awesome Illustration Art of Emi Haze