Google doodles for Rio 2016 Olympic Games is project for Google which is created by Brazilian illustrator Leo Natsume.

Leo is a brilliant and talented artist, UX designer, illustrator and animator. He belongs to Brazil. He has been used to do tremendous work but his this project is really remarkable which is for Google. It is be made of illustrations and animations for Doodles for the forthcoming Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Concept of this project is really awe and notable.

Google-Doodles-for-Rio-2016-Olympic-Games-001 Google Doodles for Rio 2016 Olympic Games Google Doodles for Rio 2016 Olympic Games Google-Doodles-for-Rio-2016-Olympic-Games-004 Google-Doodles-for-Rio-2016-Olympic-Games-005 Google-Doodles-for-Rio-2016-Olympic-Games-006 Google Doodles for Rio 2016 Olympic Games



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