Dangerdust Illustrate Quotes with Wonderful Chalkboard Art

Wonderful Chalkboard Art

Anonymous students at Columbus College of Art & Design and create Illustrate Quotes with Wonderful Chalkboard Art.

Pair of twosome anonymous students who knows as DangerDust has raised wreckage into an art form at the Columbus College of Art and Design in Ohio. The set of two has formed a buzz both on campus and online. Every week, they snitch into a classroom, used to illustrate an inspiring quote using chalk and design incredible and astonishing artwork over there. Talent of duo boys are very obvious in their drawings, typography and illustration. Both are seniors in Advertising & Graphic Design as well. In an Interview with CCAD they both said that, “I think we’re tired of the computer and chalking gives us motivation.”.

The first twosome of chalk masterworks were experiments only for fun but a professor stimulated them to carry on. They finalized twenty chalkboard drawings over the course of the past school year. Each one masterwork is completed in one fell leap on Sunday or Monday night. They took an inspiring quote, made a jagged sketch and then got to work to illustrate their artwork.


01-Dangerdust-Illustrate-Quotes-with-Wonderful-Chalkboard-Art 02-Dangerdust-Illustrate-Quotes-with-Wonderful-Chalkboard-Art 03-Dangerdust-Illustrate-Quotes-with-Wonderful-Chalkboard-Art 04-Dangerdust-Illustrate-Quotes-with-Wonderful-Chalkboard-Art 05-Dangerdust-Illustrate-Quotes-with-Wonderful-Chalkboard-Art 06-Dangerdust-Illustrate-Quotes-with-Wonderful-Chalkboard-Art 07-Dangerdust-Illustrate-Quotes-with-Wonderful-Chalkboard-Art 08-Dangerdust-Illustrate-Quotes-with-Wonderful-Chalkboard-Art 09-Dangerdust-Illustrate-Quotes-with-Wonderful-Chalkboard-Art 010-Dangerdust-Illustrate-Quotes-with-Wonderful-Chalkboard-Art 011-Dangerdust-Illustrate-Quotes-with-Wonderful-Chalkboard-Art 012-Dangerdust-Illustrate-Quotes-with-Wonderful-Chalkboard-Art 013-Dangerdust-Illustrate-Quotes-with-Wonderful-Chalkboard-Art 014-Dangerdust-Illustrate-Quotes-with-Wonderful-Chalkboard-Art Dangerdust Illustrate Quotes with Wonderful Chalkboard Art 016-Dangerdust-Illustrate-Quotes-with-Wonderful-Chalkboard-Art 017-Dangerdust-Illustrate-Quotes-with-Wonderful-Chalkboard-Art Dangerdust Illustrate Quotes with Wonderful Chalkboard Art 019-Dangerdust-Illustrate-Quotes-with-Wonderful-Chalkboard-Art 020-Dangerdust-Illustrate-Quotes-with-Wonderful-Chalkboard-Art Dangerdust Illustrate Quotes with Wonderful Chalkboard Art 022-Dangerdust-Illustrate-Quotes-with-Wonderful-Chalkboard-Art 023-Dangerdust-Illustrate-Quotes-with-Wonderful-Chalkboard-Art

Weekly Motion Graphics Inspiration No #20