Tilt shift photography is extremely popular. It has been seen on many different websites and commercials on TV. But what is tilt-shift photography actually? Tilt shift, faking miniatures, or diorama effect photos are fun and interesting. They make real-world objects look like miniatures, and give you a sense of how small we really are in this world. It’s like looking at a small-scale model or diorama. Imagine if you are somewhere else and you climb up high to snap a great photo overlooking the entire structure. You then apply digital trickery to turn it into a tilt shift photo.

However some have been processed in software like Photoshop to replicate the effect and possibly avoid the expense of the pricey lens. So here now we are most beautiful & inspiring collection of tilt shift photography. Hope you will like that all.


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    Absolutely stunning! Photography permits you to check stuff you cannot see with a naked eye. That is why those photos are therefore appealing to the remainder folks. Nice collection!

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