Beautiful loading bar design examples will be shared with our readers for their inspiration. In this post, we mostly added Gif animated loading bar designs. These loading bars are really awe-inspiring & I hope you guys will like to have it when you’re waiting on page.

Many changes has been made in technology era. Invention of new things has changed the whole criteria of life. Everything is going as fast as time is passing. Same with internet, although internet connection are going fast yet there are some minutes where we have to wait for some time. While browsing, sometimes we have to wait for something to open or download & it’s really much boring to see such time wasting page. But designers do their best to design and create wonderful loading bars to relieve user from sting of waiting.

Basically loading bars show user the present movement of downloading. Loading process may wear out a user and he would prefer to go away. Designers created many fascinating progress bar to evade this situation. Below some loading bars are listed for our readers’ inspiration. Hope will be liked by you all.


Beautiful Loading Bar Design Examples (Gif Animated)

Loading Blossom

Beautiful Loading Bar Design Examples (Gif Animated)


Yoda Loader




Flat Loading Bars



Simple Loading Bar



Progress Bar for Aviasales app

25 Beautiful Loading Bar Design Examples (Gif Animated)


Loading Christmas Gifts


Sunny Progress Bar


Careers 2.0 by Stack Overflow Loading Animation, Version 2



NagiQ 2’s loading scene (Gif animation)



Loading Bar Design


Loading bar – Animated

Loading bar - Animated

Loading… Gif Animated

Loading... Gif Animated


Loading Bar Gif Animation

Loading Bar Gif Animation


Loader Spinner – Free Download

Loader Spinner - Free Download


Circular Progress Bar

Circular Progress Bar


Loading GIF

Beautiful Loading Bar Design Examples (Gif Animated)


Amount Raised [gif]

Amount Raised [gif]


Loading Animation GIF

Loading Animation GIF


Run Progress Bar Concept

Beautiful Loading Bar Design Examples


Loading Bar

Loading Bar


Progress Bar

Progress Bar


Loading bar (animated)

Loading bar design examples (gif animated)


Game Loading Screen

Game Loading Screen


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