15 Fantastic Photo Manipulation

15 Fantastic Photo Manipulation

Art is far and wide. What you see can be turn into an art form but yeah, to make an ordinary thing a huge piece of art, one must have a creative mind. The mind that’s full of imaginations and creativeness. This is what a San Diego artist always do. Phuoc Nguyen is used to create or make a fantastic photo manipulation. He’s such an artistic and brilliant artist. His artistic skill can be seen in his work that’s truly beyond mind’s eye. I mean, seriously, his work is really full of imagination and innovativeness, marvellous work.

“Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always loved to draw. Most kids back then would play with toys, but for me, I would just sit there on my little desk and just draw. I knew at a young age that I would like to have a career in anything that involved art”. He says in his interview. “I enrolled as a mechanical engineer major. It was the most depressing years of my life. Everything changed when my supervisor sat me down and asked how I was doing in school. We had a heart to heart conversation about my life, and I realized that engineering didn’t make me happy. My supervisor had encouraged me to follow my passion and pursue my career in Graphic Design”. Added further.

Art was his passion, his dream to be an art artist and he fulfil his dream by come into an art field. “I like to combine multiple images together to create one clever image as a result. For me, I like to show my audience that there are unlimited possibilities of what something could be versus of what they are. I like to get the “oh wow” or” I never thought of it like that” reactions”. He says.

His fantastic photo manipulation work is truly bright and artistic.  I am sure you guys would love his work. Here we go.