10 Faults About Taking Cosplay Photos Outdoors

Flamboyant sunshine offers great lighting condition. In this case, all sceneries become more animated. The hues seem much richer. Aside from these, sufficient sunshine enables cameramen to use high-speed shutter and small aperture. However, if the sunshine is too strong, it may protect the shot subjects from opening their eyes. Meanwhile, direct sunshine from a high angle will cause shadow on people’s faces. Wrinkle on the face will be shown, damaging people’s image value. Therefore, while taking some photos outdoors, take some taboos into consideration. Below are ten faults that are frequently seen!

Tip 1: don’t turn your face to the sun.

The sunshine should shine on the shot themes from the side face. In this case, people will merge with the scenery rather harmoniously.


Tip 2: don’t keep too close to colorful environment.

While being shined by bright sunshine, any object will reflect light more strongly. Therefore, people should keep far away from items with brilliant colors. For example, you are not suggested to stand beside a newly painted building or a large-scale awning. Otherwise, those items will cast light on people, causing color cast. For sure, you won’t want to see that!


Tip 3: don’t take a photo while standing on a cement floor.

Since the cement floor features a smooth surface and much lighter color, it will reflect the light more strongly. In this case, there will be light under your feet. It shines from the bottom to the top, which always creates a terrible effect on the picture.


Tip 4: don’t stand beside a tree while photography.

Sunshine and shadow supplement each other. The stronger the sunshine is, the deeper the shadow will be! While taking a photo beside a tree, sunshine of leaves will project on people’s body and face. Messy shadow will form. Undoubtedly, this will destroy the beauty sense on the picture.


Tip 5: don’t omit the light filter.

In a cloudless climate, all light-avoiding places seem like being covered by a blue mask. However, when the sun sets, all items come down with a layer of orange red. Under this situation, photographers must set up corresponding light filters before the lens to make sure the scenery will keep its original hue. In the former occasion, you can choose a light red or amber light filter. In the latter situation, a light blue light filter should be chosen.


Tip 6: don’t use a high-speed chip.

Under the burning sun and clear sky, the light has already been rather strong. If a high-speed chip is used, the aperture will become rather small. Or, you cannot use slower shutter speed. All of these conditions will bring cameramen limitations while creation.


Tip 7: don’t fill in light randomly.

Much stronger light contrast will happen while being shined by brilliant sunshine. To avoid too obvious light contrast, you need to take fill-in light into consideration. But remember to well grasp the proportion. Either too strong fill-in light or trace of the fill-in light should be avoided.


Tip 8: don’t totally reply on automatic exposure.

A lot of cosplay photography devotees are interested in using automatic exposure. But they don’t know the automatic exposure can only deal with some common occasions. If meeting much softer light, it will become rather “silly” and awkward. So, you need to play it by ear. Adjust the exposure according to detailed conditions. Otherwise, there will be halo.


Tip 9: don’t let backlight directly fling to the lens.

Some photographers love to take backlight photos when the sunshine is rather strong. In this case, you should to pay close attention to the light. It cannot fling to the lens without any hiding. Otherwise, there will be halo effect on the final photos.


Tip 10: don’t wear costumes with strong light reflecting.

The sunshine is rather strong. Under this case, the cosplayer cannot wear a costume that strongly reflects the light. For example, a white shirt, a costume made from nylon, etc is not recommended. Otherwise, there will be a slice of snow-white or large light spots on the photo. Texture on the costume cannot be expressed rightly!