Downgraf Coupon Giveaway on Webydo: Revolutionizing the Way the Web is Designed

Downgraf Coupon Giveaway on Webydo

Downgraf Coupon Giveaway on Webydo

A decade ago designers were just a tiny gear in the website building machine and had no direct influence on the overall performance of their projects; today they are instrumental in creating highly usable, interactive websites and establishing competition on the market. Thus, web designers employed in the most progressive web companies are given more creative freedom and the ability to influence the way their creations operate.

Downgraf Coupon Giveaway on Webydo

However, they may still suffer certain inconveniences tied with the various implementations and human factor issues. So, if you belong to this category of web designers or just want to get your creative juices flowing – get your own, absolutely code-free web design studio where YOU will be put in the driver’s seat. No critics, no bosses and what’s more – no handwritten code. All this you can get by signing up to Webydo, the professional website builder.

Downgraf Coupon Giveaway on Webydo

Webydo: Developed With Passion for Design

Webydo is a revolutionary online web design platform aimed at facilitating the creation of exceptional websites. It helps graphic designers and other creative professionals bring their ideas online with ultimate ease. Not only does it offer an absolutely code-free Content and Design Management Systems, but it also leads you through all the stages of launching a new website. Webydo isn’t just a feature-laden website creator, but it’s also a powerful cloud-hosting infrastructure having a net of solid-rock servers worldwide. So, let’s look closer at what Webydo can offer at each stage:

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Webydo’s DMS (Design Management System) is powered by their state-of-art code generator. It instantly converts your website design into a W3C valid code and simultaneously updates the CMS for your client. Other features of the DMS are as follows:

  • Extra handy drag-and-drop control options: just grab the virtual object you like, move, resize, rotate and drop it wherever you like.
  • Pure What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get editing: no need for previews, you can see the way your website will look like when live directly from your DMS.

Downgraf Coupon Giveaway on Webydo

  • Advanced web design features: grid generator, text caption for images and galleries, layers window, smart guides and snapping, as well as the ability to draw sophisticated forms, set corner radiuses and other elements’ properties.
  • Hundreds of free, open-source web fonts for stating your website’s uniqueness.


Webydo’s smart dashboard provides designers with an easy and efficient way to manage multiple websites simultaneously. Use it to:

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  • Set site permissions.
  • Fill in your website’s SEO pack in order to get your website noticed by the search engines.
  • Monitor real-time statistics of your website.

It’s important to note that the DMS remains controlled by the designer solely, while the CMS is open for any edits on the client’s part. What’s more, you can lock/unlock certain design elements providing your clients with more or less editing freedom.


When your website is ready, all you need is to press the Publish button, and you will see your creation on air immediately. You can use Webydo subdomains for testing and sharing your accomplishments with your friends or clients at no cost. But when it’s time to publish your website using a custom domain, you need to switch to Webydo’s Premium plan which is only $7.90/month {BUT for DownGraf readers there is a special thing for you below ;-)}.

Downgraf Coupon Giveaway on Webydo

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In case you feel you need more features – just contact their responsive Team and your suggestion will be taken into account! There’s even a separate page in their Participate section – ‘Suggest a feature’. So, don’t lose your chance to join Webydo and make it even better :).

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