12 Free Web Icon Fonts for Web Designers

We’ll share 12 useful free web icon fonts. These free web icon fonts will definitely help in your web design projects.

Icon fonts are very useful resources for web designers. There’s several benefits for using an icon web font over traditional image sprites, like, the facility to have the icon markedly scale and maintain perfect quality, effortlessly change the color of the icon artwork by CSS. Icon fonts permit you to add the icons in your projects easily and modify them with the authority of CSS. All the CSS rules can be applied over the icon fonts. Web designers like to use them in their projects. They suggest the top user interface and load faster as compared to PNG, JPG and Gif file format. There is no limitation of where to use the icon fonts as it can be used anywhere in website with poles apart sizes and styles. In short, they are like fonts and can be treated like fonts.


Batch 300+ Icons for Web & User Interface Design

Font Awesome

Font Awesome the iconic font


Entypo-250+ carefully crafted pictograms

Foundation Icon Fonts 3

Foundation Icon Fonts 3

Friday Freebies – Free PSD Files For Designers #09



MFG Labs Icon Set

MFG Labs icon set



10+ Outstanding HTML Website Templates For Creating Professional Blog, Business & Portfolio Website

Raphaël Icon-Set

Raphaël Icon-Set

Socicon social icons font

Socicon - a social icons font

299 Sleek vector icons for bootstrap

Elusive-Icons Webfont

100 Free Stroke and Fill Web icons


Open Iconic, a free and open icon set Ionicons- The premium icon font