What Is a Toll-Free Number?

When people see a number with 800 it means a toll-free telephone number. Remember, that the company owner pays for incoming calls. This number is virtual, that is, the forwarding goes to your landline or mobile phone, or an app for SIP calls. Why is it needed? To increase the number of potential customers. Even when a person is interested in your product or service, he/she can be stopped by the thought that calling may be expensive; this is especially true for calls to another city. In such a case, you need a toll-free number: the client will call you since he/she will not have any fears that a significant amount will be charged off. Therefore, if the geography of your customers is wide, you definitely need such a number.

Detailed Information and Advantages
Toll-free meaning in Cambridge Dictionary is as follows: it’s free for the person who makes the call. That’s just the way it is in practice! One of the main distinguishing features of the 800 numbers is that the calls can come from any region of the same country. Its versatility is also very useful. We can safely say that it has all the properties of a virtual PBX. The user is able to cope with its setting in a short time. The main functional advantages of such a solution are

  • The ability to redirect all calls from this number to any other numbers, including mobile and landline phone numbers.
  • Absence of necessity to purchase additional technical appliances.
  • The ability to forward calls from it to any computer and smartphone.
  • Good communication quality and profitable financial conditions.
  • The possibility to record conversations and audio greetings.
  • These numbers are commonly used by entrepreneurs as a single hotline number, which, due to its multifunctionality, allows to relieve the employees at times of high density of incoming calls. 

Practical Application

UAE toll-free numbers (the same as other countries) are perceived as an indicator of the business solidity and the presence of serious prospects in its development. Working with this number gives the greatest effect in the following areas 

  • Hotlines of various information and consulting call centers. Initially, such numbers were created precisely for this kind of activity.
  • Work in sales departments of organizations with a large client base. Such a solution permits not to miss a single useful call, which significantly increases the efficiency of work.
  • In various online stores. This number greatly facilitates the processing of incoming orders. It can also be perceived as a very good option for small businesses.
  • Individual entrepreneurs, whose business is based on voice communication with clients.
  • Organizations providing taxi services, especially when there are branch offices in different cities.
  • Work of business units associated with various online services.
  • Activities of commercial companies or individual entrepreneurs that have their websites. Such numbers are well-received by the search systems of the WWW.

Be sure to place the toll-free number on the homepage of your site. Set up a White and Blacklist of subscribers on this number to save money and traffic. This will prevent you from receiving calls from unwanted people and paying for these calls.

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Where to get it?
What is a toll-free number? It’s a useful service, which you can order via an IP-telephony provider, let us say, Freezvon.

Freezvon has been on the virtual telephony market since 2012. There are services for individual users and small businesses – you can choose mobile or landline numbers for more than 120 countries and order separately VoIP voice mail services, black and white lists, call recordings, etc. Services are connected upon request.

It is also possible to create a package of options for a business of any size, and quick feedback from round-the-clock support will allow you to resolve issues of connecting VoIP services at any time.

What Is BaaS (Backend as a Service)?

 All you need to do is to sign up and specify all the necessary information. The financial terms of cooperation are described on the website, so the customer does not have to worry about hidden fees or commissions. Everything is simple and clear. The main thing is to go through this procedure without mistakes. After its activation (within 24 hours) you get the opportunity to use this number regardless of the physical location.