Stay On Top of Error and Exception Monitoring

Only by engaging in error monitoring, tracking, and reporting with high-powered software tools to assist you and make your computer programming life easier, can you expect to quickly identify and work all the bugs out of your application.

To learn some in-depth information on how to do error reporting, click on the link. Here, however, we want to focus on demonstrating the need for vigilant use of both error monitoring and exception tracking tools.

The Importance of Application Error Monitoring

Why is it crucial to utilize an error monitoring app and a logging framework? One: because software developers are only human, even if they know how to converse with computers. Two: because those inevitable application errors are hiding in your text files and database log tables and you don’t want to just leave them there for your end-users to find and report.

Constant monitoring of applications both during the development and pre-testing period and after launch, therefore, is not optional but essential. Both for user experience and to prevent annoying and costly crashes, app monitoring software is a must.

What does modern application monitoring technology have to offer? First, error detection is automated, saving developers time so they can be more productive (and get promoted). Second, it puts all the important metrics you need to monitor on a single, easy to use dashboard.

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This enables you to pinpoint error frequencies, visualize trends, and understand rapidly how errors are impacting your app’s performance.

The Need to Go Beyond Mere Monitoring to Exception Tracking

You have to invest in some basic monitoring software and use it to its fullest potential, as outlined briefly above. But, you will often need software with exception tracking capability to get down to the nitty gritty details of why exceptions are disrupting the normal flow of your program instructions.

Developers need to consider the fact that most modern apps have more layers and tiers than that proverbial onion. And when the utter complexity of it all serves to give errors “cover” and allow them to elude detection and correction, you need equally complex and powerful error and exception tracking tools to help you find and fix problems in a minimal amount of time.

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Application monitoring is essential but it’s is only a first step. Exception monitoring thrown on top of it will give you the advantage you need to “win both the battles and the war.” The fact is, many production problems worsen little by little over time until they finally reach a tipping point where it’s going to hurt your app’s performance in a noticeable way.

What exception monitoring adds to your arsenal is the ability to trace performance issues to their root causes and fix them before they ever become a major problem.

While the tools that an up to date computer programmer needs to be optimally successful are many, we can definitely include error monitoring software and exception monitoring software high on that admittedly extensive list.

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