Reasons Why Your Next Marketing Move Should Be A Whiteboard Animation

As quoted by a wise man, “A picture speaks a thousand words.” But, what if you had to convey something that’s more complex and can’t fit a picture? This is where whiteboard animation came into existence. Whiteboard animation videos are smart marketing tools which help marketers convey even the most complex of ideas in an easy yet compelling manner – and of course, without any additional overhead cost and expensive video production hassle. With whiteboard animations, marketers can easily blend real-time illustrations with professional, excellent quality audios, which appear as life-like videos and communicate their story. The new-age technology can even make the driest of marketing materials interesting, convincing and sales-generating.

Today, more and more businesses are investing in this classic new-age invention and it is successfully helping them to build a closer-than-ever relationship with their global customers by sending clear shout-outs. If your aim is to carve a niche for yourself or your business among the rest, whiteboard animation is surely the best and most fruitful option.

Explainer whiteboard animations are the new game on strategy for most businesses. Wondering why? Here’s a list of a few of the many cherry-on-the-cake points!

  • ‘Organic’ is the new key to success: One of the primary reasons why businesses are betting on whiteboard animation is because the technology helpsin driving organic traffic to the websites. The views and shares grow instantly, which further fuels up the conversion rate and eventually results in the growth of an organization’s business.
  • It is all about being authentic in the fanciful world: Life-like videos with genuine content lend authenticity and trustworthiness to the whole business idea.
  • Bliss for startups: Whiteboard animation is a blessing for those aiming at a big impact with a small budget. Startups have, in the past, and surely will in the coming future, gain magnificently via whiteboard animation videos. They are crisp and clear in delivering the right message to the right audiences and in the right manner.
  • Unique in its own style: The script and animations used in a whiteboard animation video are carefully planned and executed with the view that the final product turns out as the perfect explainer.
  • Win-win situation via Versatility: Whiteboard animations can be effectively put to use across a number of digital marketing platforms. Unlike the restricted versatility of other forms of animated videos, whiteboard animation is equipped to benefit social media, websites, blogger sites (or individual blogs), emails, advertising industry, and most importantly, even in one-to-one meetings, for effective marketing.
  • More Social Traction: As per a study conducted by a leading advertising agency of the USA, whiteboard viewers are three-times more likely to share the video on social media and twice as likely to recommend and avail services as compared to other forms of social traction means.
  • Pocketfriendly: The good news is that whiteboard animation can guide your success story without burning a hole in your pocket! It is certainly a cheaper option than other forms of digital marketing animation-video-making options and is, therefore, becoming a preferred choice amid businesses across the globe.
  • Simplicity at its best! The most attractive feature of whiteboard animation videos is their way of conveying complex business ideas in amusingly simple yet effectively communicative manner. Such videos are especially suited for those who ought to win the trust of audiences by portraying themselves as quality-conscious and socially responsible entities.
  • Grab attention and interest like none other: Well-made whiteboard animations are a treat for the viewer’s eyes. They have the power (and technique) to throw life into real-time illustrations on virtual screens. The visuals of the artist’s hands continually swaying and creating the images hold their attention throughout the running time.
  • High on memory retention: Whiteboard animation stays in the viewer’s mind for a longer period of time than other types of presentations. It helps them in retaining immense information conveyed through the innovative use of cartoon-style inputs. Recalling the nitty-gritties of such visual presentation is much easier.
  • 2-minutes of wonder: A short yet strong portrayal of what you do at your business and how you do it can make the target customer wonder for hours. Companies are effectively putting whiteboard animation to use in the home page of their websites to tightly knit the attention of first-timers and convert them into real-time consumers of their business ideas or products.
  • Effective Online Training sessions: A much needed training schedule of most large businesses operating globe-wide is the conduction of online training sessions which can guide their employees situated miles away from each other. Whiteboard videos are the answer to orientation needs and prove quite helpful in giving presentations, learning modules, detailing out newly launched product and what not!

A successful animated video is all about keeping the viewers engaged through the visual and auditory ingredients put therein. Whiteboard animation does exactly the same, and much more! It is gradually gaining popularity and will soon become the most sought-after marketing tool for business leaders to not only attract business, but leaves a lasting impression on the minds of their consumers regarding their newness and contemporary style of business.

User alert: Whiteboard animation videos must be used to successfully articulate the correct message to customers. Careful planning with suitable story writing, robust script creation, evaluating the overall target goals, key points of inclusion, and flawless visuals are some of the must-haves to keep in mind to produce a good whiteboard animation video. Following a killer guide for generating pleasant and amusing animations is therefore, mandatory.

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